Client Injured in Single-Vehicle Rollover Accident: Driver Guilty of DUI; Claim Settled With Driver’s Insurance Company

We represented this 24-year old college student in a claim for bodily injuries that arose out of an early morning, single-vehicle rollover accident in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our client was injured when the Ford Explorer in which he was a passenger flipped over several times injury before sliding to a stop on the highway. The driver of the vehicle was guilty of driving under the influence, which undoubtedly contributed to the mishap. Our client was wearing his seatbelt, but was dislodged from it during the rollovers. As a result, his back came into contact with the pavement as the vehicle skidded down the road.

Our client was taken to a Flagstaff hospital by ambulance, where surgery was performed to remove glass, asphalt and debris from his back. He was also treated for multiple cuts and abrasions to his ear and hand. Our client was left with deep purple scars on his lower back, which may or may not require future scar revision surgery to correct. The claim was settled with the driver’s insurance company for $89,000.

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