Golf Cart Strikes Elderly Woman: Fractured Hip Results

Personal InjuryWe represented an 82-year old Sun City woman who was struck by a golfgolf cart while she was out for her daily walk. Our client was on the sidewalk in front of a Recreational Center when an elderly gentleman noticed her approaching the driveway with her walker. The golf cart driver said he wanted to stop and check her welfare. (She required no assistance.)

The driver told the investigating officer he drove toward our client, “pulled alongside of her and went to apply the brake, but accidentally applied the gas and struck [her].” We found an independent witness who said she saw the golf cart turning right out of the driveway, drive up onto the sidewalk into our client path and knocking her to the ground.

Our client was transported by helicopter to a trauma ward for treatment where she was diagnosed as having sustained a fractured left hip which was surgically reduced and a metal plate and rods inserted. After her hospital treatment, she spent another 12 days in a rehabilitation center and received continued therapy on an outpatient basis. Her hip healed without serious complications.

We negotiated a settlement for the full $100,000 policy limits available under the golf cart driver’s insurance policy.

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