No-Impact Motorcycle Accident: Client Fractured Both Wrists and Multiple Ribs by Laying Down Bike to Avoid Colliding with Car

Personal InjuryOur client fractured both wrists and multiple ribs when he laid down his motorcycle to avoid colliding with a left-turning car at the intersection of Palm Lane and Third Street, in Phoenix, Arizona. The other driver denied fault.

Our client was on his way to work at the time of the accident. As he approached the intersection on a green light, the other driver started a left turn in front of him. To avoid a collision, our client braked, flipped over the motorcycle, then landed on his side and skidded along the street until he and his motorcycle came to a stop near the sidewalk. By taking evasive action, he successfully avoided a collision with the car.

We obtained recorded statements from the two witnesses to the accident. Both witnesses said that our client had a green light and that the other driver failed to yield while attempting a left turn. The other driver was issued a traffic citation, which he unsuccessfully contested.

In an attempt to mitigate liability, the other driver’s insurance company hired an accident reconstructionist to review the accident. According to their expert, our client contributed to his own injuries when he laid down his motorcycle in the street, as opposed to keeping it up and swerving to avoid the collision. Prior to the accident, our client had ridden motorcycles for more than 20 years and would be considered an experienced rider.

Our client underwent physical therapy after the accident, and he had surgery on his left wrist. He missed 11 weeks of work as a financial analyst a result of his injuries. After several months of negotiations with the other party’s insurance company, we settled the claim for $130,000. A lawsuit was not filed.

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