Stuck Accelerator Causes Corvette to Crash: Client is Passenger, Suffers Cervical Fracture; Claim Settled With Driver’s Insurance Company

We represented this 53-year old, self-employed contractor in a claim for personal injury arising out of a single-vehicle crash on the Gila River Indian Reservation. Our client was the passenger in a 1967 Corvette convertible that had been recently restored.

The accelerator apparently stuck at a very high rate of speed, and the driver of the car lost control. The car left the roadway and flew approximately 70 feet before striking a concrete culvert head-on.

Neither occupant was wearing a seat belt. The car was destroyed by the impact. The driver sustained a compound fracture of his arm and rib injuries. Our client sustained a cervical fracture, which subsequently led to neck and shoulder pain, but otherwise escaped the collision without serious injuries. The cervical fracture healed without complications. The claim was settled for $49,000.

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