Business Law

Practice Areas - Business LawIn Arizona, there are approximately 151,000 business corporations, 43,000 non-profit corporations, and 597,000 limited liability companies.  It could safely be said that choosing the proper form of business entity is the most important decision a new business owner must make.  The various forms of business entities include sole proprietorships (for one person), partnerships (for two or more persons), limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, for-profit corporations (both C-corporations and S-corporations), and non-profit corporations.  The decision as to which business entity to choose generally involves both legal and tax considerations, and should be made only after careful review and analysis of the nature of business to be conducted, the number and type of owners, the required capital contributions, the expected number of employees, and the anticipated annual revenue.

The attorneys at Loose Law Group have formed hundreds of business entities for their clients, including all of the various types of entities mentioned above.  Our attorneys are familiar with the legal and tax implications of each type of business entity, and they counsel business owners regarding the type of entity which will best suit their needs.  Once the type of business entity is chosen, the attorneys at Loose Law Group, P.C. handle the entire organization process in order to ensure a quick and smooth start-up.

In addition to business-entity formation, the attorneys at Loose Law Group represent businesses in connection with contract drafting, review and negotiations; drafting and review of corporate documents, employment agreements, employee handbooks, and buy-sell agreements; litigation involving unfair trade practices, trade secrets, unfair competition, breach of contract, wage disputes, and contractual interference; and shareholder rights matters. Regardless of the scope of the representation, the focus is always on providing extraordinary service to our clients, and achieving for them exceptional results.

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