Construction Law

Practice Area - Construction LawFor the past several decades, Arizona’s economy has been inextricably linked to homebuilding and construction activity, as Arizona’s population continues to grow.  People from around the country move to Arizona because of the abundant sunshine, high quality of life, and boundless economic opportunities.  As Arizona’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for housing, office space, and shopping centers.

The attorneys at Loose Law Group have represented Arizona contractors for more than 30 years, in connection with bond claims, payment disputes, construction defect claims, mechanic’s liens, licensing, administrative proceedings, delay claims, and other construction-related matters.  In this area, our typical clients are general contractors, homebuilders, concrete contractors, roofing contractors, carpentry contractors, electrical contractors, plumbing contractors, mechanical contractors, masonry contractors, paving contractors, painting contractors, and landscapers. We also have represented numerous construction suppliers and vendors, including companies providing heavy construction equipment, lumber, cabinets, steel shutters, and landscape materials.

Because of our attorneys’ extensive and varied experience in construction law and litigation, Loose Law Group is uniquely able to offer big-firm services to its construction clients, while retaining small-firm flexibility and attention to detail. Loose Law Group is also able to offer representation to individuals and businesses in the prosecution or defense of construction claims.

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