2/6/2020: Attorney Don Loose on the Buckmaster Show

Arizona Legislature Seeks Ban on Sanctuary Cities and Ballot Harvesting Law Struck Down by 9th Circuit Court

  • A ban on sanctuary cities is already on the books as a state statute, but a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives wants to seal the deal with a constitutional amendment. Even though it may seem redundant, a constitutional provision CAN and sometimes DOES cover the same subject at a statute. The proposed amendment would bar local police from refusing to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts. 
  • A 3-year old, Republican-sponsored Arizona law prohibits a non-family member or caregiver from collecting another person’s ballot to submit at a polling place. Recently, the 9th Circuit Court struck down the law, finding that it discriminates against Native American, Hispanic and Black voters in Arizona. Now that the law has been struck down, it is unenforceable.