9/10/2020 – Attorney Don Loose on the Buckmaster Show

Let’s Talk Vaccinations . . . and Elections 

  • Vaccinations: When a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination becomes available, the government will have the power to mandate that those living in the United States get vaccinated. A 1905 decision by the US Supreme court, Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, held that a state criminal law that required all adult residents of Cambridge, MA to get a smallpox vaccine or to be fined, was not unconstitutional. The court explained that the decision, which is still followed today, states that an individual’s liberty rights under the Constitution are not absolute and that the mandatory vaccination law was necessary to promote public health and safety. So, the concept of cities/states/governmental entities mandating vaccines is not new. In order to promote the health and safety of the general public, it is necessary to create a “herd immunity” in which approximately 70% of the population receives the vaccine, the courts say. 
  • Elections: Tucson holds elections in odd years. The State of Arizona says elections should be held in even years. The State says it is a matter of statewide concern. The City of Tucson says it is a matter of local concern and the state has no right to tell Tucson when it can hold their elections. The Arizona Supreme court will decide who’s right.